Taxation/VAT of freelance platform services

I am starting a new company where I get IT related jobs from United States, Canada (More countries to be added) and get the jobs done by Freelancers. I have agreement with freelancers based on which I take certain percentage for getting them clients and I managed all communication with the customer going forward so they can work on getting more clients (They are basically some software sales guys and a couple of support people). The business model is similar to UpWork/Fiverr and I think it has a great potential with the rise of Gig economy. I found a Hungarian company as well that works similarly but only in Hungarian market ( I have been facing problems with the VAT regime. Currently I have a 75-25 agreement with the freelancers in India and I do not want to have to pay 27% VAT on their 75% otherwise I am left with no profit and then the whole business model goes down the drains. My accountant says its possible but he doesn't know how to handle this, so I need someone experienced. I am starting on my own so don't have a lot of budget so I am looking for the most affordable and the best accountant who can help me and expect their revenues/responsibilities grow with my company.

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