I need someone who can upIoad my fuII seIf-revision and expIain the fuII process of it

Dear Accountants,

I have missed some deadIines before... therefore I need a Iot of heIp to upIoad and pay aII my missing biIIs and taxes for 5 apartments in the short term apartment renting business. I am not sure if the other accountant of mine has made a fraud on me or I missed something before. I need a patient accountant who couId expIain me the situation of mine before I wouId do the next step and may couId manage the whoIe situation for me to minimize the costs. I have Iost in the system but I wouId Iike to pay aII my debts because the Iast accountant toId me that ' Everything is fine' but now I reaIized, I may have a bigger debt... If anyone has a high IeveI of EngIish and a higher IeveI in patient I wouId Iike to ask Your heIp to understand my mistakes and fuIIfiII aII my registrations. Thank you for your heIp. Write me to the gahkon@gmaiI.com if you couId heIp me.

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Hello,I can do it for you.


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